A Boutique-Style Practice

Welcome to New England Naturopathic Medical Center! A boutique-style holistic medical practice.

Creating a healthier life...

Welcome to New England Naturopathic Medical Center!

Dr. Werner has created a boutique-style holistic health care practice based on the concept of concierge medicine, but without the added cost and membership fees. 

Her vision is to keep her practice small, so each patient can receive the attention he or she deserves. With this in mind, Dr. Werner will limit her practice to 250 active patients. 

What you can expect...

When you choose a practice with a limited patient base, you can expect more personalized attention being given to your health care needs. 

Dr. Werner will be available to personally answer any questions you might have regarding your treatment after you leave your appointment, via phone or secured text messaging. If you have other questions or concerns between scheduled appointments, the doctor will answer those questions on the same day that you contact our office.*

If a new health issue arises separate from that which was treated at your most recent appointment, or if a change in your current treatment plan is required, you will most likely be able to get an appointment that same day using our secure, online telemedicine platform. 

*Exceptions would be for after hour calls and emergencies.

 ***Patients experiencing an emergency must call 911, and be seen at their nearest hospital/ emergency center. 

***All non-urgent calls will be returned within 24 hours. 

Why we offer a boutique-style practice...

In a conventional medical practice, the average time a doctor spends with a patient during an appointment is 7-14 minutes.  This model of patient care does not lend itself to a naturopathic medical practice. A naturopathic practice is based on establishing a partnership between doctor and patient. This is accomplished by addressing all aspects of a patient’s health, not just their current symptoms. This deeper understanding of health takes time, and is the cornerstone of holistic health. 

Based on the concept of “all things being connected,” your first appointment will likely last 60-90 minutes, as Dr. Werner addresses and considers every system of the body. By approaching health care in this manner, Dr. Werner will be able to find the “cause” of your health challenge, rather than simply treating or masking your symptoms with medication. 

About insurance coverage...

Dr. Werner currently participates in Anthem BC/BS of CT, Cigna, and Oxford Freedom/Liberty. If your specific policy covers our practice, great!  We will submit your claim and only collect a copay (if required) from you at the time of your visit.

If you don’t have insurance, or if your insurance carrier does not cover naturopathic medicine, you will be expected to pay for your appointment in full at the time you are seen. 

Whether you are covered by insurance or paying out-of-pocket,  you will receive the same extensive personalized care. 

*Those patients with insurances not listed above should contact their carriers to see if they will pay an “out-of-network“ portion of our fees.  Depending on your policy, many insurance companies will pay a percentage of naturopathic medical fees. 

**All patients will be given a detailed “super bill” for your office visit that you may directly submit to your insurance carrier. 

How we differ from other boutique practices...

The main difference between our practice and other boutique or concierge practices is that we do NOT charge a monthly membership fee. 


We believe all medical services should be based on the quality of care given, rather than being based on time limits. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will receive as much time as needed during your appointment for all of your questions to be answered. 

The basics...

As a patient, you will receive...

> extended appointment length.

> personalized treatment plans.

> phone calls (up to 10 minutes in length) or secure text messages* from Dr. Werner to answer any questions related to your most recent appointment. - * Total  limit of 3 interactions between appointments. 

> 15% off supplements purchased from Dr. Werner’s online platforms at Fullscript and Wellevate. 

The Rules:

> Payment in full is expected at the time of all ”in-person” or “telemedicine/telehealth” appointments unless Dr. Werner is a participating provider for your insurance plan. 

> New health concerns and/or changes with your current health concerns cannot legally be treated over the phone or via secured text messages. A face-to-face (in-person, or via Telehealth) appointment will be required and billed at the regular fee (or submitted to insurance if the doctor is a participating provider).

> Any phone call or text requiring more than 10 minutes will require a face-to-face (in-person, or via Telehealth) appointment and will be billed accordingly. 


We have several patients and staff members who are chemically sensitive. Various scents will make them severely ill. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. ✨