What services are provided at the office?

  • general medical care
  • Telehealth consultations 
  • anti-aging treatments and prevention 
  • allergy elimination protocols 
  • Lyme Disease treatment
  • InvisiLift Ultra(TM) non-surgical face-lift alternative treatments 
  • naturopathic counseling 
  • craniosacral/ Bowen therapy
  • mineral detox face wraps
  • weight loss programs
  • women's health
  • stress management

What treatments are used?

After the cause of an illness has been established, a variety of natural therapeutics may be employed in treatment of that illness. Treatments include, but are not limited to, the use of:

  • herbal medications 
  • nutritional supplements 
  • homeopathic remedies 
  • dietary and exercise recommendations 
  • hydrotherapy 
  • Bowen therapy 
  • craniosacral therapy 
  • counseling
  • ultrasound