Well, without Dr Werner, I would still be struggling with hypertension and forced to take drugs that I didn’t want to take. The herbs and diet changes she prescribed really helped bring my blood pressure down. This was nothing short of a miracle.
-Elizabeth J. 

Living in Newtown, ticks are all over and I ended up getting Lyme disease.  I did the standard antibiotics yet I still had symptoms.  Dr. Werner used herbs, homeopathics, and Bowen treatments on me, and within 4 weeks my symptoms were gone!  Then I sent my mom to her because she had chronic Lyme for 3 years.  After about 4-5 months my mom was finally symptom free!  Thank you Dr. Lesa!

-Dawn K. and mom Rose

When I first saw Dr. Werner for an anti-aging appointment, she told me that I didn’t need to do Invisilift treatments. I know I’m only 28, but I had fine lines especially around my eyes. I also had the start of those “11” lines between my eyebrows that really annoyed me. Long story short, I finally convinced her to perform Invisilift on me. After only 4 treatments, all of my wrinkles completely disappeared. Thank you Dr. Werner! 

-Jessica M. 

Oh, what can I say about Dr Werner and InvisiLift? All I can think of is that I love both. After 6 months of treatments, people I hadn’t seen in awhile all commented on how young I looked. It’s such a gradual change that people I saw daily never knew I was doing a procedure on my face. However, there is such a difference between my before and after pictures. I look forward to my maintenance treatments now. Thanks for all that you do.
-Anna H.  (age 48)

As an aesthetician, I was interested in the Invisilift ultrasound so I decided to go in for a series of 6 treatments. Well, let’s just say that I look about 10 years younger. It took a few months to see a difference; however, it was worth the wait! I am now sending a lot of my Beverly Hills clients to Doc Werner to supplement the facials I do at my salon. 

-Elena G.

I did Dr. Lesa's liver detox/cleanse a few years ago.  By the end of my cleanse, I noticed that my health had vastly improved.  Now every year after I've indulged over the Holidays, and before the fall allergy season begins, I do another cleanse. I no longer have to rely on my OTC allergy medicine during hay fever season.  I feel balanced.
-Deanna L.

She is a great doc!  I wish she was still practicing in California.  At least now I can call her for nutritional advice! I cant wait until you start doing Telemedicine!
-Simon J.

As a grateful patient, I can say that Dr. Werner is the most knowledgeable doctor I've ever seen.  She helped clear my candida, and in the process I also lost weight!
-Karen B.